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Regular feedback leads to perfection.

We do not translate novels but professional literature, educational books, management books, medical reference books, cookbooks, tourist books, etc.
Curious about all book translation possibilities? Contact us.

Intensive contact between translator and client is essential for a perfect book translation.


After a completely non-committal intake interview, the next step is to perform a free trial translation of a (preferably complex) part of the book. We expect that you will provide some context and meta information if necessary. If you are satisfied with the result of the trial translation, the next step is to translate a chosen chapter or part of the book against the word rate as agreed in advance for this phase. Based on the feedback on the trial translation, we carry out the desired adjustments. After this, you decide whether we can carry out the full translation of the book. Each translated chapter is always perfected by feedback and close contact. Our goal is a satisfied customer!


  • Educational books.
  • Management books.
  • Professional literature.
  • Medical reference books.
  • Cookbooks.
Our translation agency works only with native speaker translators who pay attention to style. They always find the right tone and ensure that difficult translation choices are made correctly to preserve the quality of the source tekst.